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Family / Seabeck, Washington Family Photographer Wind + Bird

I’m going to start with these people are the sweetest. Also, these babes were absolutely dreamy! So much sweetness! Ethan & Eden, probably the kindest siblings I have ever seen together, so much love! This entire session was filled with laughter & the greatest moments between a family. Derek & Sarah, thank you to the moon for allowing me to document your sweet family!

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Wind + Bird

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Our February | Bremerton, Washington Lifestyle Photographer

Damn it, February. I’ll get real here, this month was rough. I missed 5 days, I feel a little bit bad about it. Honest, I just wasn’t feeling inspired. It’s been really cold here, and we didn’t go many places. I did bamboozle my people into a 3 hour (one way) road trip to check out Rialto Beach though, they weren’t real excited to find out that it was going to take 3 hours to get there, but you know, we just have this one life right? I’m not giving up, even though somedays I thought maybe it would be nice…ha. Here’s our February, albeit a little lamer than I had hoped. I did order my soft cover book of January + February from Artifact Uprising though, pretty excited to get that back!

Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-1 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-2 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-3

Isla was sooooo excited her papa got back from his work trip, and I love that the guy on the right is just enjoying our moment too. Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-4 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-5 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-6

Another freaking snow day, ah!Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-7 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-8 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-9

Always making a weird face. seriously. Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-10

But this was really perfect & sweet!Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-11 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-12Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-13

This day was a rough one. Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-14

The sweetest bangs on the cutest girl!Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-15Papa painting Isla’s finger nails. Literally the best.

A little bunny lovin’Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-17

Baby engineering!Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-18

Probably the coolest double exposure I’ve ever gotten to work out!

Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-19Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-20 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-21 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-22 Wind-plus-bird-february-2017-lifestyle-365-23

Ok, I take it back, February was pretty great.


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