Matt + Morgan

Oh this day! The dreamiest snow fall + a stunning couple is the best way to spend a day! Matt & Morgan were too much fun, so much love & a bunch of laughs. Also, just have to add he picked out that gorgeous ring, just so perfect. Pretty in love with every single shot! Thank you to the moon for having me, so happy for you both! Hope you love them as much as I do!

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Sweetest little Dot came to see me at the studio, sadly, one of the very last sessions I had there. So happy I got to capture these moments of happy sweet joy for this amazing little family. This sweet girl was so good during her session, she was bright eyed and happy to be snuggled with mom and dad when she had the gas. Pure bliss. Tim, Jordan + tiny Dot, Thank you to the moon.

Wm.IMG_0003.1 Wm.IMG_0006 WM.IMG_0011 Wm.IMG_0020 Wm.IMG_0028Wm.IMG_9964 WM.IMG_9957.1 Wm.IMG_9943WmIMG_9961-6 Wm.IMG_9925 Wm.IMG_9923 WM.IMG_0106 Wm.IMG_0124 Wm.IMG_0163 Wm.IMG_0169 Wm.IMG_0186 WM.IMG_0217 WM.IMG_0245 Wm.IMG_0269 Wm.IMG_0286 WM.IMG_0288 Wm.IMG_0318-32 WM.IMG_0342 Wm.IMG_0370-35WMIMG_0350-34 Wm.IMG_0403-39 WM.IMG_0452 Wm.IMG_0472 Wm.IMG_0480-44 WM.IMG_0481 Wm.IMG_0483 WM.IMG_0484 WM.IMG_0514 Wm.IMG_0541 Wm.IMG_0563.1 WM.IMG_0612-53 Wm.IMG_0613-54 WM.IMG_0619


Oh my heart. This sweet girl came to see me 4 years ago for her sweet newborn session & I’ve been so lucky to capture some moments of her sweetness since. Now she’s going to be a big sister?! I could not be more excited for! Four is so sweet on you cute girl, the opinions are easily my favorite!

WM.IMG_9073 WM.IMG_9094-2WM.IMG_9104-1 WM.IMG_9136 WM.IMG_9169 WM.IMG_9202