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Let me begin by saying two year olds are the most amount of fun. They give zero cares and they live for good times…

Harvey is all the things a two year old is and then some, he is enjoyable and amusing and into doing what he’s wishes to do, when he wishes to do it. He is very charming with that sweet little dimple and his two year old chatter, and just up for an adventure. I had the very best time exploring & photographing them in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle! His mom and dad, Jessica & Walter are pretty great too and just so smitten with their babe, obviously! Seeing them together with Harvey, I hope these images really show the way they see and love each other. They’re glances and smiles give all the feels, real love and that is just all the things. Harvey is the luckiest babe to have you two for parents.

It’s filled with the cutest little shops and restaurants and house boats, it’s seriously so great. I also need to mention the weather that day was straight amazing, especially for the PNW! It was sunny and gorgeous! Getting to follow this sweet trio around as they just spend the morning exploring was such a joy! If you haven’t gotten the chance to see a two year old really take things in, their excitement for everything is just really, really incredible to watch. Looking into every window, picking flowers with mom, hide and seek, seeing the house boats, watching birds, the bus! Every moment with littles is an adventure and it is a true delight to watch and document! This morning with this sweet family was filled with true moments and a whole bunch of laughter. Thank you to the moon for having me!

Seattle family walking down the sidewalk
Seattle family
seattle child
little boy running, Seattle family photographer
seattle family photographer
Seattle Family Photographer, Ballard Seattle, House Boats
little boy
seattle family photographer
Seattle Photographer, Seattle Family Photographer
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father and son playing

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