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Are Stress Free Family Portraits a thing? There’s a ton of Pinterest links about ‘How to prepare your family for your session’ and ‘What to wear for family photos’ this post will be a bit different from those. I know family portraits are stressful, especially for moms. I mean, because let’s be serious moms are doing a bunch of the work and don’t get me wrong dads are rad! But usually moms are stressed about getting everyone ready and hoping that everyone stays clean.

I want you to read this and know that it’s easier than you think, and it’s ok if it goes differently than planned. The silliest things make the happiest memories.

Outfits. There’s a lot of pressure all over this subject. All you need is be true to you, do what feels right to you. Wear what you want to wear! What does your heart look like?! I don’t love giving wardrobe advice outside of colors that photograph well, because I want everyone to be themselves. Simply be yourself.

Kids. No amount of bribery or threats of time out will keep any kid from being a little wild. Also, I really want to see their personalities!! Kids being kids, doing what kids do, does not bother me. They are not going to sit still and be quiet and smile perfectly the whole time, they want and they NEED to play. They have emotions, and it’s ok for them to work through them during our time together, please don’t feel stressed about any of this! They need time to come out of their shell and it’s totally OK. As a parent I get it, but never feel stressed because your kid is being a kid.

Relax. Probably the hardest part, I know. But it’s the most important. When you’re working with a professional they should make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Shake it out and smile! There will be laughs, a kid might cry and it will all be really, really great because snacks.

Honest, no family session goes exactly as planned. Kids cry, they don’t cooperate and parents get stressed. It’s hard and I get it, buuuut I do try to make it fun and easy and I tell some pretty good jokes! Stress free family portraits are actually a thing. Even better, the results are the best thing ever.

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taking the stress out of family portraits
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