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I’m going to start with these people are the sweetest. Also, these babes were absolutely dreamy! So much sweetness! Ethan & Eden, probably the kindest siblings I have ever seen together, so much love! This entire session was filled with laughter & the greatest moments between a family. Derek & Sarah, thank you to the moon for allowing me to document your sweet family!

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Wind + Bird

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We have some news. April is our last full month in Idaho. We’re sad too. Also, overwhelmingly excited for a new adventure!

But wait, there’s more.

Those spring flowers are almost here and we’re dedicating our last month to Family Mini’s!  Capture moments of goodness between you & your people. We’re opening just 5 spots for these, so snag your spot now!

Thirty minute session on location / in your home, digital download of 15+ retouched images with a personal print release for $275.00* / $100 deposit required to save date.


Only 5 spots available! Save your spot & pay your deposit now!

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*price for immediate family only, extended family prices vary with number of people.



Etheredge Family

This family session was a complete dream + this day was amazingly beautiful! Little E was just totally adorable! I love photographing babes and especially love when they just get to be themselves! She was busy and on the go in the greatest way! I’m positive she will make the best big sister! Isn’t this mama stunning?! Cutest family ever! Thank you to the moon for allowing me to capture these sweet moments of life, hope you love as much as I do!

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