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So, you’re thinking about family portraits & you’re a little worried about your kids behaving. I get you, I am living this life too. Can I also say, kid’s don’t listen. It’s a thing, I am a mother of two kids that don’t listen. I’m worried they might actually be things from the wild.

Have you seen this image above yet? I was so excited to get this ONE of them being so sweet…just moments before this shot was taken…

These happened:

Ya, he’s about to bite her & she legit licked his face.

What I mean is, there isn’t a family portrait session in the history of family portraits that the kids have completely behaved & looked at the camera the entire time. It’s a little unrealistic to expect this from them. They are little people with BIG personalities. Also, I really really really like this about them!

Here’s the, FINE. I am looking but I won’t smile. While as his mother, this was really frustrating to me in the moment I really love this shot of him. If this was someone else’s child I would be all, it’s cool, this is what his heart looks like, just enjoy this mom!

I call this one the creep. Just like, why?! Why would you close your eyes half way like that girl? Again, as her mom I’m like AHHHHH! QUIT. As a photographer I’m like, meh, she’s going to stop soon because you promised ice cream…and girls that don’t listen to mom, don’t get ice cream.

So, apparently this hug was just the absolute worst. I mean, how dare I?!

This 15 minutes with my kids were filled with demands like, just do what I ask! Quit biting! Smile!! Ahhhhhhh! Sound familiar? It’s hard to let go of the idea that kids will hold still when we want to, but I am here to tell you: it’s all a ruse. They don’t hold still & they don’t listen. BUT, it’s absolutely OK. I want to capture their little selves, and those sweet personalities. The giggles and the tears.

When we can let go of all the stress we get some really incredible moments and a whole bunch of memories.

I can’t promise there won’t be any tears, because kids, but I can promise I will document your family being a family. Loving, playing, snuggles & laughs. Everything.

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