Ben + Alix | wind + bird – seattle maternity photographer

Incredible Seattle Maternity Session with Ben & Alix, with velvet water & a dreamy sunset were exactly what I had in mind! These two, about to add a sweet baby into their life! I couldn’t be more excited for you two, thank you to the moon for having me, truly an incredible evening!

Seattle Maternity Photographer, Jessamyn Rasmussen
Burien, Seattle Maternity Photographer, Wind + Bird
Seattle Beach Photography
Seattle couples maternity photographer, wind + bird
Wind + Bird Photography
Seattle Maternity Photographer, Wind + Bird
Burien Maternity Photographer
Seattle Beach Maternity Portraits
Seattle Couples Photographer, Wind + Bird
Seattle Maternity Photographer
Seattle Maternity Session with Wind + Bird
Seattle Sunset Beach Photography
Seattle Maternity Beach Photography
Seattle Sunset maternity
seattle maternity photographer
wind + bird photography

Wind + Bird – Seattle Maternity Photographer

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Baby Thea | Bremerton, Washington Fresh 48 Photographer

The list of things I love has brand new babies right at the top, this sweet, perfect little girl has made her way into this world and is surrounded by love. A whirlwind of an overwhelming amount of love is bringing a baby into the world. The absolute best, thank you for allowing me to capture this sweet girl at just 2 days new.

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Wind + Bird | Bremerton, Washington Fresh 48 Photographer

Scheduling sessions for November 2016 – January 2017 – Let’s Chat!

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