Wilson Family / Illahee State Park Family Portrait Session

This session in a couple words: Adventure & Parenthood & Love. Fleep, these people are just so great! Dean is filled with so much adventure & so many independent ideas! He’s about to become a big brother and I cannot wait to see him grow into that role. Our session at Illahee State Park began with loads of smiles and running around and exploring aaaand then we ended our time together with a few tears. Those emotions are so big and littles feel them so hard, big giggles to big tears all the feels. Parenthood is a rough hood, but it’s filled with so much heart and happiness. read more

Gravity of Photographs | Wind + Bird Photgraphy

I got up early on Saturday morning & tried make my people a fancy breakfast of crepes with strawberries & nutella and mascarpone whipped cream. If you have tried to make crepes then you know they’re a real pain in the ass. I’ve made them before & they turned out magically, this time they didn’t. I decided to cut my losses and just make pancakes. My kids woke up and were so excited to see pancakes ready to go with all the goodness on top.

Then I asked my daughter if she would like me to cut up her pancakes. Her reply, ‘No, I got this mama, I am older now.’ I got really teary, she is older. She no longer needs me in that way anymore. My boy no longer needs me to pick out his clothes for school anymore, he doesn’t need me to help him brush his teeth – although I think he would benefit from my help, but he’s ‘older’ now. read more

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